Tuesday, June 24, 2014


All I’ve ever known is school
And I've gone to school
To learn how to teach
in a school.
Am I avoiding something?
Life will never be as  glamorous
For me
As the academics or
My mother
had hoped, at least,
for themselves
and I believe I’m okay with that.
Living within my means:
A protagonist painted
Against a common scene,
Paid to take grief.
But who knows?
Who knows, who knows
Who knows?
I don’t.
Like many,
I have a fascination
With leaving,
But I’ve never gone far—
And once you have driven
A significant amount, you start
To realize that the road does run out
And that the country is limited and thought
Is limited and people are limited
Even though sometimes
You find something
New that sticks,
It’s just new
To you.
Nothing new.
So who gives a shit?
I do.
And I know
that although
so much of our lives are
And that the middle class can be
Quite manageable,
It doesn't make much of an Odyssey.
I’m not unsatisfied
Just a little afraid
To commit what I think
Is a mind of significance
To a common thread.

Even the greatest people are forgotten,
And a hit song on the radio
Doesn’t last any longer
Than a decade
And they don’t say
Many things
That haven’t already
Been said
By many.

So I figure, new ideas are important,
But until I have one
I might as well just have
Fun or love
Or something
And indulge harmless feelings
And teach kids
How to make good decisions
To improve their situations
So that they can
Live comfortably

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