Saturday, February 28, 2015

Too Much

Between the snow days 
and the sick days,
I stayed home 
too much.
I stayed in bed 
too much.
and I thought 
of us 
too much:
A concept
unborn and fertilized

only in my mind. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wine Pairing for Begninners

The server comes by, says
“Hi, my name is…is there
Anything I can get you,
Hands me the wine list.
“Give me
a second,


White, red
Sweet or bubbly?
This is sort of troubling.

Can’t go with the white,
Taste’s too light-
So bright and uppity,
Feels like committing
To nothing.
What if the entrée’s
The acid in the white
Will heighten the spice
Higher than my liking.

Could always go
With a Moscato or Riesling
But the sweet’s so sweet
It feels false and unappealing.
Other people
Drinking the syrup
Seem happy.
Maybe what I want
Is something dark and heavy.
A Cabernet…
Flavor and Full body
Independent taste
Despite whatever's sitting on
My plate.
I really like Alfredo.
Do you think that it could
Hold it’s own?
How are we supposed to know?
If there’s no dish yet
How do you pick
the wine?
The perfect balance is so
Hard to find.

Every choice you make is
A dozen that you didn’t
And each one leads
To a different
If I don’t know who I am
And what I like
How can I possibly

Choose the pair
That’s right?

Forget it.
Do it all another night.

Server is back.
I look up from
The menu
To my blind

“Just Water
For now.
No lemon,
Please. ”

Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby Steps

I want to make babies 
And turn them into functioning 
And loving adults 
That will endure and 
Rehabilitate the world.
I want to be able to give them 
The Tools to do so. 
Or at least the resources
to find those tools. 
But I'd also like 
to do that 
for me.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Missing the Point

Thanks for letting me
Borrow your 
Jet pack.
I know they're expensive
And hard to find
And you only have one.
I'm sorry to have fucked it up. 
In my defense, when I was done
I did lay a cloth down
To soak up the weird blue fluid 
Coming out of it.
I didn't know that cloth was 
Your T- shirt-
So I'm sorry for that too...
And if the fluid 
Burned you, I apologize...
Of course, I didn't know it was
Toxic either
And, I mean,
You didn't have to put
It back on-
T-shirts aren't really 
That expensive.
I'm just saying,
It's not entirely
My fault.

Family Dog

I feel the family dog has died
Even as he sits beside me now:
Wagging his tail,
Waving goodbye
To Dad

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bloom So Soon

The pain you've caused me
Is second
Only to the pain
I cause myself.

Keeping my head down.

Creating inhibitions cause it
Seems proper
Or hiding from people because it seems 
Like I ought to.

Committing to a plan or person
Cause I'm afraid to be
Alone or afraid to be
Wrong or
Even if it doesn't make me

I nit-pick
About risks
And what could every other person in this room think of me?
Everything I do is a symbol of
Autonomy, identity-
Looking for an enemy...

So sometimes I just sit at
Home alone or
Grab on to someone who 
Seems comfortable
Or is pretending to be-
Just like me.

But you helped me set me free. 
You planted a seed. 
And yeah, I've got to water it
And get it some
Vitamin D
And that's not easy,
But it's something I can do
And if it weren't for you,
I wouldn't have been able to 
So soon-
So thank you, 
My highly logical,
Oddly extroverted and

You helped me to mend
The wounds.
Not only the ones
From you,
But the ones that existed before:
That I continue to open
Again and

Color In

I am coloring in
the colorless
half-sleeve tattoo
he once got by trading in
his own guitar.
He’s borrowed a few acoustics since then
and one electric,
but they never stay in tune.
And the acoustic strings always stretch
Too far from the
leaving blisters.

I color in
the blisters